The ability to manage dangerous situations while protecting both community members AND law enforcement officers is a major conversation across our nation right now.  Everyone is looking for a less lethal solution.  Paradigm Tactical Systems provides that solution with its precision rifle—Overwatch.  Overwatch is a pneumatic weapon with a pressurized air cylinder that launches high-velocity, chemical-filled projectiles.  It is semi-automatic, capable of firing bursts of up to five shots per second.  The low-pressure air cylinder allows for more than 100 shots per tank, with a maximum effective range of 100 yards at 350 fps.  Even at 80-100 yards, Overwatch can consistently produce a 6-8” on-target grouping.  This precision operation allows officers to maximize control in a variety of situations, mitigating risk not only to themselves and innocent bystanders, but also to the intended target, as it all but eliminates the risk of lethal consequences.

Overwatch can be employed in a variety of scenarios: