Yes.  We certify operators at the agency level as an included part of your initial purchase.  No rifle will be released to any Agency without this training.  We also offer a “Train the Trainer” course should an Agency prefer to train additional operators on their own.

Typically we ship rifles within 4-6 weeks. 

Although capable of shifting between semi auto and bolt action, for most LE operations Paradigm is focusing on delivering a high performance, high velocity variant of the closed bolt semi auto to agencies.  The semi auto is capable of much greater rates of fire, with minimal sacrifice on range and accuracy.

The effective range is 40-120 yards.  You can refer to our YouTube videos to see probability graphs, firing accuracy, and more.  Feel free to contact us for additional information as well.

Overwatch was designed and is assembled in Bluffton, IN, with all metal machining and finishing completed just north in Fort Wayne, IN.  Most of our plastic components come from vendors located in Fort Wayne.

If you suspect there is an issue with your Overwatch, just reach out and we will work with you immediately to diagnose and take any corrective steps that may be necessary.

You can either use a pull-through squeegee through the breach or you can use a stick squeegee down the barrel.

All accessories can be adapted to the Overwatch and PTX Bullpup platforms, and customized for the individual operator’s needs.  More specifically, all rifles come with AR-15 handguard attachment points.  In addition, the grip mounting is designed to accommodate most AR-15 grips.

The velocity range is between 200 and 350 fps, which allows for adjustment to meet your Department’s SOGs.  If the department decides to use Paradigm’s Alpha 350 ballistic rifle scope, the rifle will need to be calibrated for 350 fps muzzle velocity.

Yes, you can buy as many as you think you need.  

The signature green of the Overwatch platform is designed to indicate to civilians, officers, and agencies alike that it is a less-lethal weapon.  However, if your department would prefer a different color for any reason, it can be changed.  You will need to discuss this with Paul Eitel directly, as there are additional costs and legal implications associated with a color change. 

Yes.  Whisky Two Four has high-quality magazine pouches available with a variety of chest rigs.